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For orders made at online store you can pay through the payment system


a.     After the shopping procedure, complete the buyer data and choose the payment method Litais/Eurais in the "Order Confirmation" field; You can complete the payment via mokė system if you have a bank account and have signed the e-banking contract.

b.     By clicking on "Confirm Order" field you will be redirected to a page where you can choose a specific bank to complete a payment.

c.     After selecting the bank press “Confirm the order” and you will be directed to the chosen bank site, where you will have to log in to your online banking system as usual;

d.     After making a payment, e-banking page will close and you will be directed to page once again. Here You will get your order and payment confirmation number. We strongly recommend you to save or print out this confirmation message.



Your e-banking data are used only to connect to the bank page. While returning to the online store private data is closed and not transmitted. Responsibility for the security of the data in this case lies with the respective bank, as all transaction procedures are connected to e-banking system.
Your order will be accepted as soon as we receive notification from mokė that payment has gone through.





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